7 Signs Your Toddler Is Ready To Potty Train - By: Ainsley

Potty Training — one of the most dreadful moments of parenting, am I right? I don’t know any mom who has enjoyed teaching their child to potty train. It is a sometimes very long process filled with lots of accidents! We all want our children to learn how to go to the washroom independently, just like we want them to eat independently! However, in order to do this with less stress, we must learn to follow our child’s cues to know when they are ready.

7 Signs Your Toddler is Ready to Potty Train - By: Ainsley


They’re Pulling and Fidgeting With a Soiled Diaper

Often, children who are ready to potty train will start fidgeting around with their diapers once they are soiled. You’ll begin to notice that they are uncomfortable with wet or soiled diapers and don’t want to keep them on anymore. Some children may actually begin to take off their diapers completely, especially when they wake from sleep or a nap.

They’re Interested in Anything Toilet Related

Another sign that your child maybe ready to potty train is an increased interest in the toilet or washroom. Have you noticed your child following you into the washroom more often to watch you? Sometimes they may will want to flush the toilet and watch the toilet paper go down. Or they may start playing with the toilet paper roll and asking trying to put it in the toilet. Children will observe you in the washroom because they are curious and want to learn how to do it themselves.

They Pull Their Pants Down (or Up) On Their Own

When some children are ready to potty train, they will also take an interest in dressing themselves. I have noticed that many children who are ready will practice pulling their pants down when they want their diaper changed. Some may just really want to put their clothes on by themselves in the morning and after changes.

They Stay Dry for Longer Periods of Time

A popular sign that your child may be ready to potty train is the length of time they remain dry. This shows that your child has begun to have bladder control. You may notice that your child is dry after their nap or for 2-3 hours. This is a great sign, as long as your child is drinking enough fluids throughout the day.

They Hide or Get Embarrassed When They Have To Go

In my opinion, this is the best time to start potty training. Most children have their tell tale sign that they are going number 2. For Atlas, he stops everything he is doing and stands completely still. Other children may squat down or even hide so you can’t see them. Often during this time, if you ask them if they are pooping they will shout, “No!” and get embarrassed. I say that this is the ideal time to start training because you have the perfect sign of when to place them on the potty. You KNOW that they are going to the washroom so why not show them what happens when they sit on the toilet?

They Try to Assist in Diaper Changes

I throw this one in here because it is something that Atlas has started doing and lets me know that he is aware that there is a process when it comes to going to the washroom. Sometimes during diaper changes your child may begin to help when they know the routine. Lifting their bum for you, grabbing the wipes and trying to wipe and trying to help do up the diaper. When your child is aware that there is a routine surrounding the washroom, it may be easier to set up a toilet time routine.

They Announce When They Need To Go

A final sign that your child is ready to potty train is when they tell you. Sometimes children will either begin to ask to go, or will announce that they have already gone. It usually begins inconsistently but overtime, if recognized and encouraged they will repeatedly let you know whenever they have to or have gone!

Keep in mind, there is no real age for potty training. Don’t push your child if they aren’t ready, this could actually lead to regression and make it even harder! When looking for these signs, you should be looking for multiple signs that align.

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We haven’t started potty training Atlas yet but I have been noticing more of these signs every day! Next step, actually potty training! It makes me a little nervous to think about potty training boys. I am definitely looking forward though, to the day when I no longer have to be changing their diapers! As long as we follow their lead, I think everything will go pretty smoothly.

If you’ve got any tips on potty training after your children show the signs they are ready, let me know in the comments below!