My Bath Routine with Two Under Two - By: Ainsley

Bathing one child is fairly easy, but when you have two children under two years old, it can become a handful! I am often home alone with Atlas & Axel so bath time is a task that I have to complete on my own. When Axel was a newborn, he didn’t have a set bed time so I would do their baths separately. As he began to sleep at a regular time, it became more convenient to bathe them together. As you can imagine I struggled, just like everyone else, to find a way to make this work. It took a while, but we finally came up with a bath routine that works for us!

We have two different bath routines. One where I am in the tub with them (because mama needs to shower too!) and one where it is just the babies. In general though, it is the same deal. Here’s the routine that works for our family and just might work for you as well!


Before we begin to start the bath water, I like to make sure that everything is prepared for after. I set out diapers and clean pj’s on the bed, make a fresh bottle for Axel and get Atlas’ bed time milk prepared. Then I’ll grab some towels and Axel’s pacifier to bring through to the washroom with us. When its time to run the water I will bring the kids into the washroom with me along with Axel’s bassinet so he has somewhere to rest where I don’t have to worry about him getting into anything as I get Atlas ready. The kids use a toddler bath tub so I will fill that up as I get Atlas undressed. He will usually grab his bath toys to throw in the water as it is filling up as well.

Bath Time

The tub is filled up and Atlas’ water guns are in the tub, it is finally ready for us to begin bath time! We begin bath time with getting clean first before playing. Atlas loves to be a little helper so I usually put soap in his hands and he will put it on his body and hair by himself. I help if he is in need of a little extra scrubbing. In the meantime, Axel is in his bassinet either playing with a toy or with a bottle or pacifier in his mouth.

Once Atlas is clean and playing with his toys, I will undress Axel, keeping an eye on Atlas at the same time. Axel still needs support in the tub so I help him with sitting the whole time. Atlas will help me with putting soap on the baby as well (he really loves helping!). I finish off cleaning Axel then place him back in his bassinet. I like to let Axel air dry with only a towel wrapped around him to keep him from peeing everywhere. Once we’re done playing in the tub, I remove Atlas and wrap him in a towel. I’ll dump the bath water and then we move everything to the bedroom.

After the Bath

Since Atlas isn’t potty trained and doesn’t like to keep the towel on him, he gets his diaper on immediately as enter the room. Then I let him air dry as well, while I put a diaper and pj’s on the baby. And then it’s Atlas’ turn for pj’s. An important part of our bath routine after coming out of the water is applying lotion. Both my boys have pretty dry skin. Before pj’s are put on, we use Burt’s Bees Baby Nourishing Lotion with lavender scent to help calm them. Then I brush both of their hair. Finally, we can begin our bed time routine!

Our bath routine is one that is very hectic and full of energy. I’ll be honest, it often ends with water everywhere. Though, in the end, both boys are clean and thats what counts! Do you have an easier bath time routine for multiple children under two? If so, feel free to let me know in the comments!